New Orbit and Sirius Cleat Datasheets
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New Sirius & Orbit Cleat Datahseets
New American Glands Section
Cable Supports and Fixing Systems

Cable Supports and Fixing Systems

Single Way Cleats

Telcleat Datasheet
Afumex (LSOH) 385 Datasheet
Ranger Cleat 382 Datasheet
Heavy Duty Hook Cleat 384 Datasheet
Plastic Two Bolt Cleat 374 Datasheet
Afumex Two Bolt (LSOH) Datasheet
Claw Cleat (Aluminium)
Two Bolt Cleat (Aluminium)
Shoe Cleat
370 Series
Linear Short Circuit Straps Datasheet
Orbit 379 Datasheet
Heavy Duty Two Bolt Cleat (Aluminium)

Fire Resistant Cleats

Firefix Single Clip Datasheet
Firefix Double Clip Datasheet
AP Clips Datasheet
Claw Cleat (Cast Iron)
Two Bolt Cleat (Cast Iron)

Trefoil Cleats

Multicleat / Multistrap 378 Datasheet
Sirius Cable Cleat
Orion Cleat
Orion Cleat - Shaped
Libra Cleat 376AC Datasheet
Cable Glands

Cable Glands

Industrial Cable Glands

Indoor Glands

BW Gland Kit Datasheet (KA410)
BW LSOH Gland Kit Datasheet (420LSF)
BW Gland Kit Datasheet (KJ417)

Outdoor Glands

Nylon Cable Gland Datasheet (403K)
Nylon Cable Gland Datasheet FP250
A1/A2 Gland Kit Datasheet (KM409)
A1/A2 LSOH Gland Kit Datasheet (423LSF)
AXT Gland Kit (423AX)
AXT Gland Kit (423AX)
CW Gland Kit Datasheet (KA419)
CW-B Gland Kit Datasheet (KA419-B)
CW LSOH Gland Kit Datasheet (422LSF)
CW-AL Gland Kit Datasheet (KA422)
CW-AL LSOH Gland Kit (432LSF)
CX Gland Kit Datasheet (KA414)
CX-B Gland Kit Datasheet (KA414-B)

Wet Area Glands

E1W LSOH Gland Kit Datasheet (421LSF)
E1W Gland Kit (KA413)
E1W Gland Kit (KAA413)

Hi Fault Current Glands

CW Integral Earth Gland Kit Datasheet (419CE)
CW-AL Integral Earth Gland Kit Datasheet (454CE)
CW-Dual Screen Gland Kit Datasheet (422DA)

Hazardous Area Glands

Exe Un-Armoured Glands

Nylon Ex e Datasheet (403AT)

Exd + Exe Un-Armoured Glands

A2EX Gland Datasheet (494AB)
A2EX (NPT) 494NE Datasheet
A2EX Gland Kit Datasheet (KM494)
A2EXP Dual Seal Datasheet (495AB)
A2EXP NPT Datasheet (495NE)
A2EXP Dual Seal Gland Kit Datasheet (KM495)
E1WF 472AA Datasheet
E1WF NPT Gland Datasheet (472NP)
E1WF PVC Gland Kit Datasheet (KCA472)
E1WF PCP Gland Kit Datasheet (KA472)
E1WF 455AA Gland Datasheet
E1WF KCA455 Gland Datasheet
E1XF Gland Datasheet (473AA)
E1XF NPT Gland Datasheet (473NP)
E1XF PVC Gland Kit Datasheet (KCA473)
E1XF PCP Gland Kit Datasheet (KA473)
E1W-XL Gland Datasheet (474SW)
E1W-XL NPT 474NP Datasheet
E1W-XL Gland Kit Datasheet (KA474)

Exd Barrier Glands

Barr A 424TA Gland Datasheet
Barr W Gland (424TW) Datasheet
Barr X Gland Datasheet 424TX
Barr PB Gland Datasheet (424TP)

North American Cable Glands

Explosion Proof Connectors 

Barr-A Gland Datasheet (424UB)
Barr-X Gland Datasheet (424AN)
Barr-DX Gland Datasheet (424UL)
Barr-A Gland Datasheet (424BT)
Barr-A (Aluminum) Gland Datasheet (424UN)
NicAL-X Gland Datasheet (424MA)
Barr-C Gland Datasheet (424CU)
Barr-CZ Gland Datasheet (424NB)

IEC Hazardous Glands

A2EX Gland Datasheet (494NE)
A2EXP (Dual-Seal) (495NE)
Excel Plus Gland Datasheet (493NE)

Non-Hazardous Connectors

E2MC "Raintight" Gland Datasheet (416MC)
E2MC "Raintight" (Aluminum) (416RA)
Unarmored Industrial Gland - Plated Datasheet (409NP & 494AG)
Resins and Compounds

Resins & Compounds


JEM Resin data sheet
Two Part Polyurethane
Three Part Polyurethane

Railway Products

Joints and Terminations

MRPJ-U Datasheet

Flexo Railway harnesses

Coupler Datasheet
Trackside Disconnect Box Datasheet

Overhead line

Wedgtap Connector Data Sheet

Link Box's

Pre cast Link Box's

2 Way Pre Cast Link Box data sheet
4 Way Pre Cast Link Box data sheet

Tailed Link Box's

2 Way Tailed Link Box data sheet
4 Way Tailed Link Box data sheet

Modular Systems


Prysmian Group Connecta Leaflet
Bicon News
Prysmian Exhibit new Link Box at Cablex 2017
Prysmian Exhibit new Link Box at Cablex 2017

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4 Way Pre Cast Link Box data sheet
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